Hi, I'm Pablo Vila.
I'm a Front-End Developer.

About Me

I'm a front-end developer with more than 8 years of experience and a wide range of skills and techniques. Currently, I'm a Senior Software Developer at CIC. I'm an enthusiastic developer, I love to learn new things and apply them in my work. As a developer, it's critical to continue learning and improving our skills. I enjoy building interactive and dynamic websites with clean code and solid architecture. I consider myself tenacious, curious, collaborative and passionate.

Currently, I live in Santander, Spain. It's a peaceful, beautiful city and an amazing place to live and work. Travelling is one of my passions, so I'm open to relocation and work-related travel.

My journey began when I was a child, I was gifted with a computer and I couldn't stop to investigate and breaking it. I graduated as Senior Technician in Computer Systems. I learned some basic programming principles there. I started to work immediately when I finished my studies, but I knew it wasn't enough, so I've been learning ever since. Then, I was more interested in mobile programming and apps.

So I attended an Android development course by UPV. My first big project was a GIS-oriented web with several tools for geoprocessing. I'm certified as Web Application Developer Associate by ESRI. Since then, I've done many projects, some as back-end developer, some as front-end developer and others as full-stack developer. At present, I'm attending to GIS Development Expert course by ESRI.


Web Design

Responsive and fast

I like to build beautiful web apps considering responsiveness and speed. For each web there's some suitable solution.

Clean and Solid Architecture

Design patterns

One of my priorities is apply design patterns. Not always it's required but I try to think if it's good for the solution I'm developing.

Front-End Development

Thinking big

Although I'm not an expert in every aspect of the stack, I have enough knowledge of the stack to apply best solution that the project requires.

Main area of my expertise is front-end development, I've developed several projects mixing my knowledge in HTML, CSS and JavaScript (React.js, Ionic, TypeScript). Also, I've built some back-end projects using different technologies like C# and EntityFramework, Java, Hibernate and Spring or Python, Flask and SQLAlchemy. In the past, I used jQuery and Bootstrap for web developing.

Altough it's not my priority, I've done too some projects for desktop like geoprocessing tools using Python and arcpy. Also, I've done some experiments with Android apps and Swift iOS apps. Other skills that I have are Photoshop design, sense of humour or practicing sports. Also, I love learning new languages, traveling around, hiking or going to coding conferences.


Jan 2016 - Current

Senior Software Developer - CIC

  • Built and maintained a web platform to manage job orders within a business structure. #React.js #GIS #.NET #Oracle
  • Created a front-end solution integrating ArcGIS web map and Vaadin web. #ArcGIS API for JavaScript
  • Development of integration back-end service that manage several systems. #Java #Spring #Hibernate #MySQL
Jul 2018

Web Application Developer Associate Certification - ESRI

Proficiency using ArcGIS technologies to build web applications with object-oriented programming, application documentation, maintenance, performance, and implementing client-side and server-side security, and with Esri's ArcGIS technologies and best practices.
Jan 2013 - May 2013

Android Programming - UPV

Entry-level android programming course. Built a cloud-connected Android app, and learned best practices of mobile development, and Android development in particular. #Java #Android
May 2011 - Jul 2013

Java Programming - CESINE

Intense course in one of most prestigious universities of Spain. I learned basic concepts, design patterns, computer structure, object-oriented programming, functional programming and algorithms among other topics. #Java
May 2011 - Jan 2016

Software Developer - CIC

  • GIS web app to create and manage renewable projects for important electric company. Also, geoprocessing tools to locate and calculate complex situations to place business features. #Python #JavaScript #arcpy
  • Android app for technology company. Optimized launcher for children. #Android